Thursday, 16 September 2010

The return after much radio silence...

It's certainly been a long time since anything was written here! The usual commitments personal and professional are to blame. The truth is it's been a bit of a rollercoaster for us over the last six months, not to mention the last few days for Jem and I, which saw us climbing aboard Wils again only two days ago for what we imagined would be our final voyage. After very lengthy consideration and a great deal of heartache we were planning to sell the boat and move on to pastures new.

Less than forty eight hours onboard convinced us otherwise. A major shuffling of all manner of commitments will be required now but our love of this way of life, of everything that living aboard has opened us up to, is far too much for us to abandon just yet. We love this all to bits! So, as of this post (back on Blogger again, where it belongs!), Jem and I consider ourselves canal dwellers still!

Having spent the best part of six months in Milton Keynes, we've moved a little way north on the Grand Union for now, our heads buzzing with plans and logistics, cities to aim for and ways to make the liveaboard life work for us again.

Gadzooks! The laptop is about to die so I have to be brief, but the long and short of it is this - we're staying put and here's to the ongoing adventure - CHAPTER TWO!


  1. Hi, and welcome back.

    I hope it all works out this time.

  2. Ps:

    Don't forget you owe us some homemade brew :-)

  3. Brilliant, used to love reading your blog and have missed it over the past few months! You guys have been a bit of an inspiration for my own plans for living aboard, truth be told, so glad to have you back :)

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, all!! We're spending as much time onboard as possible now, absolutely can't wait to get back to 100% onboard living!

    I'll have to get a fresh brew on for you guys, Chris & Debbie! ;)